Hot-Dog with Frankfurter

Douglas G. Wilson douglas at NB.NET
Fri Jul 12 13:38:00 UTC 2002

>    Greetings from Vienna.  This is the menu of a little hot-dog
> booth.  It sells a hot-dog WITH frankfurter.  (What's next?  A hamburger
> with meat?) ....

Here's the place, I think:

Here's the menu:

"Riesen Hot-Dog" = "Giant/Grand Hot Dog", I think. Here I speculate that
"Hot-Dog" can be interpreted as "sausage [sandwich]" [perhaps mustard or
something is implied also]. "Riesen" presumably refers to a larger than
usual sausage, I guess ... or maybe to a fat or fancy sandwich stuffed with
sauerkraut or whatever. If I were in Austria I'd be glad to research the

Even in the US, expressions such as "bratwurst hot dog" and "kielbasa hot
dog" are used, to my personal knowledge and per Google. Per Google, I find
one example of an apparent literate US-an using "frankfurter hot dog",
which I've never heard myself IIRC. If "hot dog" = "sausage sandwich"
occurs in the US, I suppose it can be expected to occur elsewhere too.

("Debreziner" = "puszta", I think.)

-- Doug Wilson

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