Anne Gilbert avgilbert at PRODIGY.NET
Sat Jul 13 02:14:42 UTC 2002


> Perhaps this is an isogloss that separates Oregon from Washington (I would
> very surprised, though), because I pronounce 'hock' and 'hawk' with all
> meanings exactly the same and I cannot ever recall anyone distinguishing
> them--that would have struck a chord right off.  Of course,  their must be
> some old logger in the hills or
> farmer in the southern part of the Willamette Valley who makes a
> I periodically poll my students on such matters and this one is almost
> in agreement with my usage--the few who do not are invariably webfoot
> wannabes, but not natives.

Again, hmmmmmm. . . . . maybe it's just a generational difference, although
I really don't know.  Or maybe it's a usage thing.  I haven't heard too many
people speak about putting things into "hock" but there are plenty of
"hawks"(birds, football teams, and the like), and that kind of "hawk" is
pronounced differently from "hock".  IOW, it doesn't rhyme with lock.

> What do mean *think*?!   :-)  There's just something cool about someone
> doesn't mind a little liquid sunshine.

Well, we sure aren't rain wimps.  But people in most other parts of the
country are.  At least during the winter months.
Anne G

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