Warez, Irrational Pessismism, Bermuda Triangle

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Sat Jul 13 16:08:07 UTC 2002

   Yeah, I meant "Wiener."  I have to think too much on these "ie" and "ei" words when I'm typing.  It's usually just "schnitzel" here.
   Dave Barry's column in today's HEARLD-TRIBUNE is on internet spam.  Cutting-edge stuff for about 1995.

WAREZ--In the July 13-14 INTERNATIONAL HERLAD TRIBUNE, pg. 1, col. 4, a story about internet software pirates that's from the NEW YORK TIMES:
   Many of the pirates say they were motivated less by money than by a sense of competition, prestige and the entertainment value of distributing the pirated goods, which they call "warez."

IRRATIONAL PESSIMISM, BOOMERANG ECONOMY--In the IHT, pg. 6, col. 3, "A swing to irrational pessimism," David Ignatius's piece, originally in the WASHINGTON POST.  "Let's call this the 'boomerang economy,' whose operating principle is that what goes around comes around."

RADATZ--"Deli" is not used here, but this looks like one.  See www.radatz.at.

LOVE PARADE--Vienna had one, too, but it's over.  See www.loveparade.at.

BERMUDA TRIANGLE--An area of Vienna when tourists get lost.  I haven't yet found it.  Similar to the area in Budapest called "Chicago."

VILLAGE SHITS--I asked the guy here at the Mercure Hotel desk for some slang, but he refused.  He said there are quite a few Hebrew/Yiddish words that they use; this was without my prompting him on this.  He said that Germans call Austrians "Village Shits."  He wouldn't write down the German, but you can figure it out.

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