Warez, Irrational Pessismism, Bermuda Triangle

Dave Wilton dave at WILTON.NET
Sat Jul 13 17:48:25 UTC 2002

> According to http://venus.soci.niu.edu/~cudigest/CUDS8/cud853, the
> Usenet group alt.binaries.warez was in existence in 1996 when it was
> being deleted from a server, so it was likely founded sometime
> before then. Does anyone know where you can find when a Usenet group
> was started?

If the group started post-1981, you should be able to find the earliest
messages on Google (Advanced Groups search). They may not have the very
first messages for a particular group, but they'll probably come pretty

For alt.binaries.warez, Google has a post from 13 Dec 1995. Google doesn't
archive binaries groups, but you can still get a feel for the date from
crossposting. There are a total of 3 crossposts to alt.binaries.warez that
month and about 30 in Jan 1996. So it looks like a December 1995 date for
its inception.

Google also has posts to alt.warez.ibm-pc.apps from Oct 1995. It also has
December 1995 posts to alt.2600.warez.

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