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Steve Boatti Ittaob at AOL.COM
Sun Jul 14 02:09:22 UTC 2002

In a message dated 7/12/02 12:08:52 AM, douglas at NB.NET writes:

<< t is speculated here and there that "pizza" is from a Germanic origin
(perhaps Lombard "bizzo" or so, meaning "bite"/"morsel"/"cake"), cognate
with English "bite" or German "Biss". This might not be very consistent
with the existence of a variant "a[p]pizza" in southern Italy (presumably
reflecting Latin prefix "ad"). >>

It is my belief that "apizza" derives from Southern Italian dialects that
render the Italian feminine definite article "la" ("the") as "a." Thus
standard Italian "la pizza" is "a pizza" in these dialects. I have heard
numerous Italian-American older people say it and similar words with the "a"

Steve Boatti

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