Polka in Vienna (1839); Julius Meinl

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   Greetings from Vienna.  Frankfurt is Lufthansa's hub, so I fly back there tomorrow.  I have to stay overnight and I'll arrive about 4 p.m.; I'll possibly have half an hour of library time.  I fly to Kiev on the 17th.


   This is a great place to shop for food, like Balducci's in New York.  See www.meinl.com, or www.meinlamgraben.at.


   I didn't see menus on the web site of the Osterreichische Nationalbibliothek, http://www.onb.ac.at.  I asked, was sent to another division, and then was told they had none.  I was sent to the Kaiser's silver collection (Sure, silver knives and forks.  That's close), and the information person there didn't know either.
   Let's say you're in the food business in Vienna.  You, say, cater an affair for the Kaiser's wedding.  You throw that menu out?  Wouldn't you print it about a thousand times?
   Where is an Austrian menu collection?
   I was told to see a recent book by one Bakos, GAUMENSCHMAUS UND SEELENFUTTER, but I'll do that in the states.


   OED's first "polka" is 1844, although I've found 1843 in English.  The OED note states that "polka" went from Prague in 1835 to Vienna in 1839.
   I went to the Technical University (anything to get out of the N.B., waited an hour, and was brought 1839-1840 volumes (the size of 10 phone books) OESTERREICHISCH KAISERLICHE PRIVILEGIRTE WIENER ZEITUNG  (later, just WIENER ZEITUNG).

27 August 1839, pg. 1202, cols. 2-3 ad:
Im Berlage der f.f. hof u. priv. Kunst und Rusitalienhandlung
      des Tobias Haslinger
in Wien, am Graben, im Edlen von Trattnernschen Frenhofe Rv. 618
ist neu erstschienen und zu haben:
   _Die beliebte neue POLKA. Bohmischer Nationaltanz fur das Pianoforte._
Componirt von Pet. Pergler, Capellmeister des burgerl Scharfschutzen-Music Corps in Prag.
Preis 15 fr.

25 September 1839, pg. 1346, col. 2 ad:
Joh. Hoffmann in Prag (...)
des Tobias Haslinger (...)
Original Bohmische Nationaltanze. (...)
Hilmar (Fr.), Polka a la Lutzer f. d. Pianoforte  15 fr.

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