press inquiry

Catherine Aman caman at AMLAW.COM
Tue Jul 16 21:55:11 UTC 2002

Dear ADS Listserv,

Apologies for intruding on the list. I'm a reporter and am working on a "one
year later" column about the new words  generated by the events of 9/11 and
the ensuing "war on terrorism."

I'd like to interview anyone who has spotted new (or "repurposed") words
resulting from these events. I'm particularly interested in words that are
getting used in the workplace, by professionals, business travellers, etc.
For instance, the neo-verb "to wand" will be included in the piece.

The column will appear (in slightly different forms) in the October issues
of The American Lawyer and in Corporate Counsel.

Thanks very much for any leads or suggestions.

Catherine Aman
Staff reporter
Corporate Counsel &
  American Lawyer Magazine
(212) 313-9205

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