Weird misparsing of the week

Laurence Horn laurence.horn at YALE.EDU
Fri Jul 19 14:13:27 UTC 2002

Talk about your misdivisions...

I just received a posting I excerpt below on a medical list I subscribe to:

I have launched a new website, designed to allow survivors, their
families and caregivers, a place to share experiences and gain
inspiration and hope. The site is not only for MCLers, but will
encompass survivors of all cancers.  But because of my affinity for
this group, and in recognition of the significant part you have
played in nurturing my survival, I want to introduce it here first.

The site is <>
.  The home page is up, and I hope you will visit and register to be
notified when it is fully functional.  We are doing the back-end work
now, and anticipate roll-out within the next two weeks.  I hope you
will also tell friends, family, and caregivers who may not be members
of this group (and may suffer other cancers) about the site, and
encourage them to visit.

I read it very quickly, focusing on the URL for the web site, and
thought:  Survivors miles--what an interesting concept.  Frequent
flyer miles reserved for cancer survivors (in the way that other
programs allow you to build up miles for using a particular phone
company or credit card).  I clicked on the web site, to find it was...
[spoiler space below, if you want to think about it]

(This sort of misparsing must happen quite often, although perhaps
not so dramatically, given the lower-casing of URLs.)

Oh well, a smile is sometimes as good as a mile.


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