Horsethieves (was Matrushka; Hryvna: more)

Laurence Horn laurence.horn at YALE.EDU
Sat Jul 20 00:13:04 UTC 2002

>         [James A. Landau]
>#So now we know Barry Popik's little secret.  The City With Two Names
>#Twice appoints horsethieves as parking ticket judges.
>         [Mark A. Mandel]
>"Come Fly With Me"... (Jim will get that; most others here will not.)
>         [Jim again]
>#Other way around.  This Galicianer horsethief is baffled.
>OK, where did you get the expression "The City With Two Names Twice" for
>NYC? I grew up there, and the only source I know for it is James Blish's
>"Cities in Flight" series (4 sf novels).
>Since I don't know the expression from any other source, I assumed all
>along -- evidently wrongly -- that Blish had made it up, and just now
>that you had gotten it from his story.
Much more standard is "New York, NY:  the city so nice they named it twice"


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