Kim & Rima McKinzey rkmck at EARTHLINK.NET
Sat Jul 20 04:57:10 UTC 2002

>For a while during college I took Polish lessons privately from a
>woman from Lodz.  She pronounced it [wudzh] as I perceived it.  I
>suspect the final affricate may actually be devoiced but lenis, so
>that I interpreted it as still voiced.  I remember the vowel as
>close rather than open (under the influence of the preceding [w-]?).
>I didn't hear any difference in the
>pronunciation of the name by our guide on a tour in Poland two years ago.
>I HEARD somewhere that while the Poles pronounce it [wudzh], its
>Yiddish-speaking inhabitants pronounced it [l)dz} (with )=open o),

My mother was born in Bolyislatzve (I have never looked at a map nor
seen that written, this may be the first time I've tried to spell it)
- a little town in Poland.  Though she came to the US when she was 5,
she said the nearest big town was Lodz and pronounced the initial l
and the rest as above, i.e., ludzh.  She never spoke Polish, only
Yiddish as a child.  Since all siblings are now deceased, I can't ask
anyone for corroboration.


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