Kregg vs. Craig

sagehen sagehen at WESTELCOM.COM
Sat Jul 20 15:43:21 UTC 2002

>Ed Keer said:
>>Actually, I didn't. I do keep my Marys distinct from
>>my marries. It's just that I don't distinguish merry
>>and Murray or ferry and furry.
Does the pronunciation of /bury/ fit into one of these divisions? I've
always pronounced it the same as /berry/, but one of my kids says "burry"
--like /furry/--which I thought she *might* have picked up during the year
she spent at school in England at age 12, though I don't remember hearing
that pronunciation there, myself.  One of the NPR news readers (Norah
Rahm?) also uses this pronunciation.  It always sounds odd to me.
A. Murie

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