Kregg vs. Craig

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Labov's TELSUR map shows laxing before /l/ to be pushing into Ohio from 
both east and west (and somewhat less so from south of the Ohio River, as I 
recall).  My Dayton students have it, and I hear "available" as well as 
both "sell" and "sale" with /E/ in SE Ohio.  I frequently hear laxing 
before /g/ also, but it may not be in the local speech yet; I hear it from 
students who are probably from outside the region, based on other features 
in their sound systems (university radio announcers and the 
like).  Specifically, I've heard 'Craig' as 'Kregg' often, and The Hague as 
'the Hegg' at least twice.  I doubt there's confusion with 'Greg'.

At 01:09 AM 7/20/2002 -0400, you wrote:
>On 7/19/2002 14:21, Laurence Horn wrote the following:
>>This last is redolent of Pittsburgh (and maybe cheese-steak eaters to
>>the east, whose "Iggles" sometimes take the filled against
>>Pittsburgh's "Stillers")
>Born and raised in Pgh, never say [fIld] for <field> nor [Igl] for <eagle>,
>and yet <Craig> and <peg> have rhymed for me since birth.  Or shortly
>Anyway, what makes you think [i]>[I] conflation is related to [ei]>[E]
>conflation (at least, [ei] is what I assume you hypercorrective types have
>in <Craig>)?
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