FW: Picnic( Jesus H. Christ)

Frank Abate abatefr at EARTHLINK.NET
Mon Jul 22 15:36:08 UTC 2002

RE the comments below, IHS also happens to be the first three letters of the
Greek spelling/form for _Jesus_, which is sometimes mentioned in this
connection.  I did not know about the interpretation of IHS = In Hoc Signo.
Perhaps relevant to these words is the story that when Constantine the
Great, in 312, was about to fight the battle at Saxa Rubra (the Battle of
the Mulvian Bridge) to clear the way to take Rome, he is said to have had a
vision from God, who showed him a cross in the sky and said to him, "In hoc
signo vinces" ('In this sign shall you conquer').  There are depictions of
this vision, showing the cross with the words, so the connection could be
from that.

Frank Abate

Mark Mandel writes:
>I believe the same sequence was later read as the Latin
>IHS, which was expanded in such meaningful ways as "Iesus Hominum
....also popularly thought to mean "In Hoc Signo,"  I'm not sure why.
A. Murie

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