soda 1, pop 0 -- Minneapolis, Minnesota

Millie Webb millie-webb at CHARTER.NET
Tue Jul 23 02:16:49 UTC 2002

That is just strange, Dan.  I never hear a native say "soda", but it appears
on a sign every once in a while.  Usually a formal sign created elsewhere
and brought in for the occasion (like at the State Fair, on the food booths
that travel the country to different Fairs, and don't use the "right" word
for Pronto Pup).  :-)
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From: "Dan Goodman" <dsgood at VISI.COM>
Sent: Sunday, July 21, 2002 11:36 PM
Subject: soda 1, pop 0 -- Minneapolis, Minnesota

> Saturday the 13th, an ice cream social's refreshments included "soda"
> -- in what once was solid "pop" territory.
> Note:  the event was in Bryant Square Park, put on by the CARAG
> Neighorhood Organization.

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