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Tue Jul 23 20:24:55 UTC 2002

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> O.T.:  "Crimea doesn't pay."  Ooh, I owe Landau for this one.

Before your thoughts turn to revenge, you should make sure to see the
re-enactment of the Charge of the Heavy Brigade at the Battle of Baklava.

The "Crimea" gag was from an African-American woman who liked to use the
pen-name "Nina Rasrushen".  The "Yalta" gag was from a Russian-speaking
anthropologist named Costello.

I have no idea if either are still in existence, but in the 1970's the two
largest Russian-language bookstores in the world were in the US---Victor
Kamkin's in the Maryland suburbs of Washington DC and Amtorg's bookstore (I
forget the name, possibly "International") in New York.

      - Jim Landau (heading for the bomb shelter)

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