Ponchiki & Pampushki and Nordikski

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Wed Jul 24 01:32:50 UTC 2002

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> Some finicky foodies claim that Chicken Kiev has nothing to do with the
> Ukrainian capital, having been so named by restaurants in New York.

The OED2 has a 1950 citation for "Chicken cutlets Kiev" and the following
1964 multicultural citation for "Chicken Kiev": "I had lasagne (sp?) and
followed it with chicken Kiev" from a book entitled "Funeral in Berlin".

I can make the smallest possible antedating.  Bob Hope "I Owe Russia $1200"
published in 1963 has, if I remember correctly, part of a page devoted to
Chicken Kiev, of which his party ate so much while in the Soviet Union that
they allegedly could have flapped their way back to the States.  Sorry,
Jesse, but I don't have the book so you'll have to take care of locating the

Hopefully somebody can find "matruchka".  I am positive there is a circa 1970
citation somewhere in my home library, but darned if I can find it.

     - Jim Landau

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