Chai M. Potok; O'Kun

Gerald Cohen gcohen at UMR.EDU
Wed Jul 24 17:33:01 UTC 2002

>At 8:47 AM -0700 7/24/02, Peter A. McGraw wrote:
>Yesterday afternoon an All Things Considered, NPR announced the death of
>the famous writer "Chai M. Potok."  I don't remember whether the (female)
>announncer was from national NPR or our local affiliate OPB (in the land of
>"Oregon Chai").
>I suppose he'll now be referred to as "the latte Chai M. Potok."
>Peter Mc.

This reminds me. Some years ago a New Yorker named Okun (name derives
from Russian, where okun' designates the fish "perch") told me that
despite being Jewish, he was contacted as a college freshman by the
Catholic student group with an invitation to join. The letter was
sent in good faith under the mistaken assumption that his name is
Irish; it was addressed to him as O'Kun.

Gerald Cohen

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