"I loves me some X" redux

Drew Danielson andrew.danielson at CMU.EDU
Wed Jul 24 20:53:07 UTC 2002

"Dennis R. Preston" wrote:
> >To me these "I love[s] me [something]" examples on the Web etc. look like
> >caricatures or imitations of some dialect rather than examples of an
> >established usage ... maybe analogous to the effort to sound "southern" by
> >replacing "you" with "y'all" in absolutely all contexts singular or plural.
> >But then maybe it's just that I haven't been to [quaint locality X] where
> >everybody's been doing these things routinely for centuries.

I agree re "caricatures or imitations", but I would argue that the
construction is well-established as an available alternative among
certain speech cohorts.  I get the feeling that it functions much in the
same vein and to the same effect as "you done good", which was discussed
here some time back.

I can't imagine that spontaneous acts of cleverness are being the nearly
6000 incidents of "love me some" indexed at google.com.  Even accounting
for a relatively high incidence of 'me' as direct object in this string
(2 of the first 10 hits generated), the dative 'me' (8 of the first 10
hits) seems to show some signs of being an 'estblished imitation'.

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