Pros from Dover

Laurence Horn laurence.horn at YALE.EDU
Sat Jul 27 18:53:41 UTC 2002

>Are you sure the Simpsons got their first?  After all, they came out much
>much later than M*A*S*H.  :-)

Well, yup, since M*A*S*H never got to Springfield at all...

>I do like the phonological basis for Dover.  It seems it woudl not have
>caught on at all if it hadn't just "sounded" right.
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>>  >My comment on convenient assonance still stands.  Would "pro from
>>  >Springfield" have worked as well?  There are more Springfields than
>>  >(To keep a language element in the discussion.)
>>  >
>>  >DMLance
>>  >
>>  Plus the Simpsons got to Springfield first.

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