cultural historical activity theory

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Thank you anyway, Joanne. I thought I'd give it a shot.
Susan Gilbert
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> Your query about the origin of cultural-historical activity theory
> didn't seem inappropriate to me at all!  However, I wasn't able to
> find any information about the word in our databases or files.  You
> say you've found the phrase used in Marx -- would this be in the
> German text or in an English translation from the German?  Is it
> possible the English term was coined as a calque on a German
> locution?  Or is it possible that the term was coined very recently
> (and is being used in restricted circles) to name an intellectual
> movement that originated in Marx?  It's important to distinguish
> between the origin of a WORD and the origin of the THING that
> word represents -- they're completely different entities.
> In any case, sorry for the lack of information.
> Joanne Despres
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