Birthday Restaurant; Reuben & Rachel; Swaptions; Butter's Comments

Rick H Kennerly Rick at MOUSEHERDER.COM
Tue Jul 30 15:52:24 UTC 2002

|o| Some people might want to know how I'm able to do this business.
|o|    Stick to business?  That's the point I was trying to make!  It's a
|o| "business" where I don't get paid and seldom get credit or
|o| recognized for my
|o| work.  I am able to do the "business" only because no one loves
|o| me, I have no
|o| children, both of my parents are dead, I live in a very tiny
|o| apartment, and
|o| I'm able to work at a government job where I deny people due
|o| process of law.

Gee, it sucks to be you.  Maybe Butter's is right.


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