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Stevenson's Book of Quotations gives a slightly different text of the song about Captain Jinks:
" 'I'm Captain Jinks of the Horse Marines,
I often live beyond my means;
I sport young ladies in their teens,
   to cut a swell in the army.'
William Lingard, Captain Jinks of the Horse Marines. (1869)
Chiefly remembered for Clyde Fitch's play of the same name, in which Ethel Barrymore made her debut at the Garrich Theatre, New York City, 4 Feb., 1901. Sometimes attributed to T. Maclagen."

Stevenson also gives this:
" 'The frolicsome company had begun to practise the ancient and now forgotten pastime of high jinks.'
Scott, Guy Mannering, Ch. 36. High jinks was a game of forfeits, in which one was chosen by lot to perform some ridiculous task."

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