Gives Great War

Tue Jul 30 21:08:24 UTC 2002

        "Silver Streak" was released in 1976.  I saw it two or three years later and remember the "gives great phone" double entendre (spoken as Jill Clayburgh and Gene Wilder are seducing each other).  This was the earliest example I've seen of "gives great head" being extended to "gives great X."

John Baker

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> I remember it from the film "Silver Streak" from the 70's (?)  Jill
>  Clayburgh's character explains that, though she doesn't type or do
>  dictation, she was hired as a secretary because she gives "great
>  phone.

If it's the same move I'm thinking of (no, I didn't see it), "Silver Streak"
was released in the winter of 1985-86.

During the first play I ever worked backstage on ("Anything Goes", fall of
1977), the captain of the ship gets handed a note.  The note was supposed to
be a blank piece of paper, but on the final night it read "Gabriel gives good

               - Jim Landau

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