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> 47th  Street is (I thought) world- (or at least locally) famous for being
>  Diamond Merchants Lane.  It's the traditional office place of all
>  those mostly Jewish diamond sellers and other jewelry merchants.

When we crossed 47th Street we were definitely in the Theater District and
did not see any noticeable jewelry businesses.  Perhaps the Diamond Merchants
are on a different stretch of 47th Street?

I was once supposed to meet my family at a particular Kosher restaurant
somewhere around 47th Street.  No luck finding it.  I did the one thing that
in my previous experience ALWAYS WORKED---stop at a fire station and ask.
"We'd like to help you," the firemen said, "but we're Italian."  So I went
into a nearby store that obviously believed in Diversity in Hiring and
started looking at nametags.  The first salesman I saw was African-American.
No good.  The next was Hispanic.  Ditto.  I glanced at  half a dozen
salespeople before I found one whose nametag read "Seltzer."  So I asked him
and he gave me correct directions without pausing.

        - Jim Landau

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