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   In today's (Friday's) NEW YORK POST, the split between Woody Allen and his
former producer is detailed.  Allen's lawyers allege that the producer
skimmed money from Allen.
   The producer's lawyer claims that Allen's lawyers are a bunch of
"Hollywood Harrys."
   That isn't in the RHHDAS or in CDS.  The speaker was probably thinking of
Neil Simon's award-winning LOST IN YONKERS, which has a character named
Hollywood Harry.
   HOLLYWOOD HARRY is also the name of a 1985 film.
   Anywhere else?


Boy, this was fast.  How come the Chicago Historical Society couldn't do this
six years ago?

Subj:   Naming The Windy City
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Hello All,

I just completed an interesting new account of the origin of Chicago's
nickname "The Windy City".

You can find it at:

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