Swiss Cookery (Kuchli, the Right Stuff)

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by Edith Elmer Wood
New York: Wessels & Bissel Co.

Pg. 22:  It (honey--ed.) is the invariable accompaniment of the Swiss
breakfast, which consists for the rest of rolls and butter, coffee and milk.

Pg. 67:  But we felt it was proved that the quartette was of the "right
stuff" and could safely venture on a fortnight's pedestrian trip.

by John Addington Symonds and his daughter Margaret
second edition
London: Adam and Charles Black
(first edition 1892?)

Pg. 136:  Pudding, as _Mehlspeisen_, of various sorts, completed the bill of
fare.  Among these, what the people call _Pitzokel_--that is, something like
thin pancakes cut into long narrow ribbands--was conspicuous.

Pg. 136:  An ancient pack of cards was then produced, and the evening was
spent in the thrilling pursuit of "Schwarzer Peter."

Pg. 260:  The board was tesselated with plates of birnen-brod or eier-brod,
kuchli and cheese and butter; and George stirred grampampuli in a mighty (Pg.
261--ed.) metal bowl.  For the uninitiated, it may be needful to explain
these Davos delicacies.  Birnen-brod is what the Scotch would call a "bun,"
or massive cake, composed of sliced pears, almonds, spices, and a little
flour.  Eier-brod is a saffron-coloured sweet bread, made with eggs; and
kuchli is a kind of pastry, crisp and flimsy, fashioned into various devices
of cross, star, and scroll.  Grampampuli is simply brandy burnt with sugar,
the most unsophisticated punch I ever drank from tumblers.

by Charles Graves
London: NIcholson & Watson Ltd.

Pg. 15:  He told me to try the "Zugerrotel" (a kind of mullet) and cheese

Pg. 46:  ...with wood mushrooms and pineapple _crepes_.

Pg. 54:  They have another specialty too.  This is _Bindenfleisch_.  It is
smoked and dried beef, dark red in colour, and cut like a wafer.

Pg. 95:  A _Knickerbein_ consists of cherry brandy, syrup, and egg yolk, and
certainly puts hair on your chest.  A longer and still more formidable drink
which they give you here is named after the Piz Aela (Hotel--ed.) itself.  It
is concocted of vanilla ice, chocolate ice, curacao, cognac, and kirsch.

Pg. 121:  The _gerla_ is a huge wicker-work basket looking like an inverted
Chianti flask; the _zoccoli_ are the wooden clogs...

Pg. 247:  _Bernerplatte_--with its ham, sausages, boiled beef, sauerkraut and

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