Two questions--myself and flush out

Towse self at TOWSE.COM
Thu Jun 6 19:47:59 UTC 2002

Ed Keer wrote:

> The second is the term "flush out" to mean "flesh
> out".    I heard fairly often at my work, and assumed
> it was some sort of mispronunciation that's going
> around. I was very surprised to see it in print in The
> Ten-Day MBA by Steven Silberger: p. 20 "The following
> questions help to flush that out."  Any
> thoughts/history on this one?

In software engineering, one flushes a queue or flushes a buffer,
to force the contents out and leave it empty and pristine for
later use.

In RL, one directs a stream of water down a small drain pipe at
high force to get the dead chipmunk out of the pipe and available
for disposal in the nearest trashcan.

Are you sure that Silberger isn't using "flush that out" to mean
dragging some issue out into the open where it can be dissected
and discussed?

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