Troubadour, Brie (1739); Nu, Kolbash (1904)

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by Marquis D'Argens
London: D. Browne

Pg. iii:  The Printer's Devil.

Pg. 65:  *_Chelibi_, a young _Turkish_ Nobleman.

Pg. 100:  ...resemble the cheeses of _Brie_, which are not good, till they
are of such an age.
(See other "Brie" posts.  OED first cites "Brie" over 100 years later--ed.)

Pg. 123:  ...they play at Chess, or at Mangela"...
*A _Turkish_ Game, which they play with little Shells.
(Not in the revised OED?--ed.)

Pg. 277:  The _Troubadours_*...
*A sort of Minstrels that sung and play'd at the same time on the Violin.
(OED & M-W have 1741 for "troubadour"--ed.)



by Carl Joubert
Philadelphia: J. B. Lippincott Company
1905 (copyright 1904)

Pg. 9:  ..._pirrogs_ (meat pies)...
(Several cites on this page.  See prior posts--ed.)

Pg. 29:  Surely he can eat _kapusta_ and black bread without knowing who
discovered America!

Pg. 53:  In a _traktir_ (tea-shop and restaurant) in Tiflis two mousiks sat
at a table and called for _vodka_.

Pg. 56:  "I have not yet eaten my _kasha_, and I will not let the Holy Mother
call me until I have dined."

Pg. 89:  Now the "shaitel" is a wig, and when a Jewess is married she is
required to cut off her hair and wear a "shaitel."
(OED has 1892, then 1957 for "shaitel"--ed.)

Pg. 92:  "To give the shirt off one's back" has become a common metaphorical
phrase in our own country, but I could not believe that it was a form of
benevolence that was actually practised.

Pg. 94:  "Nu!  Nu!  Why don't you come?"
(OED has 1892, then 1945--ed.)

Pg. 109:  ...the "Shatchen."  He is to be found in every town in Russia, and
his business is to bring together suitable couples for matrimonial purposes.
(OED from 1890--ed.)

Pg. 278:  So he washed down the last mouthful of the _kolbash_, which he was
eating, with a glass of _vodka_ and turned a beaming countenance towards me.
(OED has a very late 1953 for "kielbasa," and "kolbasa" is mentioned



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