"strong like bull"

Peter Farruggio pfarr at UCLINK4.BERKELEY.EDU
Sun Jun 9 13:08:38 UTC 2002

It's from the Rockie and Bullwinkle cartoon show of the 1960s.  There was a
regular segment each week about the Russian spies Boris and Natasha, and
Boris would occasionally comment about some peasant girl who was "beeeg and
strong like booool"  The show was written for adults and was popular with
boomer college students, the same crowd that read MAD magazine in the 1950s
for its anti-Establishment sarcasm and satire.  I started to hear the
phrase "big and strong..." in popular discourse in the late 1960s or early
1970s, after the show was off the air, but can't remember who revived it
from the original source.

Pete Farruggio

At 03:13 AM 6/9/02, Rick Kennerly wrote:

>Said with a fake Russian accent, the bull pronounced booool.
>All of a sudden, younger kids are saying this here.  Seems like it's a
>retread from a decade earlier.  Surely from a movie or TV program, perhaps
>Saturday Night Live.  Any idea of the origins?
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