Brauer's "Jews of Kurdistan" glossary & Maza

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by Erich Brauer
completed and edited by Raphael Patai
Wayne State University Press, Detroit

   This is a great book.
   Erich Brauer (1895-1942) didn't finish it, but Patai did (50 years ago).
The English version was long overdue.  There is an extensive food chapter and
a large glossary on pages 408-429.  I'll check out Brauer's book on the Jews
of Yemen for a possible "falafel" and for "hilbeh." (See OXFORD COMPANION TO
FOOD.  "Hilbeh" is not in OED.)

Pg. 101:
   A festive meal among the Kurdish Jews never begins with the meal itself.
It is always preceded by a social hour in which there is dancing (Pg.
102--ed.) and singing and the guests are regaled with arrack and _maza_.*
_Maza_ consists of cold fish, cold chicken or _qoqwane_, partridge, roasted
or boiled meat, mushrooms (A. _kwarke_ or else _kame_, a sort of fungi not
known in Amadiya), fruits and nuts.

Pg. 378:
*Maclean, _Grammar_, p. 165: _maza_ (Pers. and Turk.), an appetizer, a whet
before dinner.  On _maza_ at Turkish drinking bouts, see Arminius Vambery,
_Sittenbilder aus dem Morgenlande_, Berlin, 1876, p. 78.

(The following are  selected "m" glossary items--ed.)

madira, rice-buttermilk dish
magila, copper kettle
mankheda, Torah pointer
masbah, cap worn by Christians
masloqa, fat meat soup
mast, masta, leben, curdled milk
maza, mixed diswh of food
megala, megilla, Purim
mijidi, Turkish money unit
mishmara, weekly portion of the Torah

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