1897 "Big Apple" examined

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1897 _N.Y. Times_ 10 Oct. SM10  An entertaining little book entitled "Some
Facts About the New York Market," has been issued by the Merchants'
Association, and it is exciting considerable comment in other cities.  Its
unique feature is the illustration by means of graded pictures, of the
relative size of New York's industries, and the industries of six or eight
of the large cities of this country. ... In the fruit and nut trade New
York takes precedence with a big apple, while the second city has only a



   I checked it out today.
   The Merchants Association of New York, SOME FACTS ABOUT THE NEW YORK
MARKET, FALL TRADE EXCURSION 1897, is in the NYPL's Science, Industry and
Business Library.
   On page 16, under a section titled "Fruits and Nuts":

(Big Apple drawing--ed.)                   (Small Apple drawing--ed.)
NEW YORK $11,940,000                NEXT IN RANK $4,102,000

   The second drawing is a small _apple_--not a cherry.
   The promotional book demonstrates how big the New York market is.  For
example, "Coffee and Spices" shows a big coffee cup and a small coffee cup.
"Tobacco" shows a big pipe and a small pipe.  "Men's Furnishing Goods" shows
a big tie and a small tie.  "Shirts" shows a big shirt and a small shirt.
And so on throughout this entire book.
   "Big Apple" is not written.  The "apple" is one of many illustrations.  I
cannot see how this has anything at all to do with the slang phrase/nickname
"Big Apple," other than, perhaps, a coincidence.

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