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I have been a west coaster all of my life and always thought soda was pop,
not seltzer. Clear soda would read the same to me as clear pop...that is
7-Up or Sprite. Many moons ago I worked in a hospital where patients were
given a clear liquid diet for any number of reasons, including an upset
stomach. Clear liquids included Sprite, 7-Up, broth, jello and flat Coke.


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At 6:11 PM -0400 6/11/02, Rick Kennerly wrote:
>  ><))));>Though I have always known gingerale to be the curative.
>If only it had any real ginger in it anymore.  Nowadays,  the ginger in
>ginger ale is a mere artificial flavor.  On other e-mail lists I belong to
>where we discuss open water sailboat cruising & the liveaboard lifestyle,
>as far as the natural preventatives are concerned,  real candied ginger is
>the thing, followed by homemade ginger snaps.  Also, available in sailing
>shops, is ginger ale made with real ginger.  Of course, preventative is the
>operative word here.
Have you checked out Goya's (or other Caribbean-style) ginger BEER?
It tastes quite gingery to me, infinitely more so than so-called
ginger ale, and quite tasty (as soft drinks go).  The nomenclature is
puzzling, though.  It's clear that no formula along the lines of

ginger beer : beer :: ginger ale : ale

can be plausibly defended.


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