Mevin (1950); Falafel (1953); Nu (1949)

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Merry Christmas Everybody
--Arthur Godfrey
   _ABC--Always Buy Chesterfield_
(The full-color, back-page ad in the NATIONAL JEWISH MONTHLY, December 1948--ed.)


   A much more appropriate advertisement is this one, in the NATIONAL JEWISH MONTHLY, November 1950, pg. 109:

A "Meichel"* for a "Mevin"**
with an (u) on the label***

      A Glossary of Terms
      (Just in case you need it)

*_Meichel_ (pronounced mi-chel)--a delicacy; a choice morsel.  Example: Heinz Kosher Baked Beans.  The oven-baking and the delicious tomato sauce are what make them a "meichel" (see definition above).
**_Mevin_ (pronounced ma-vin)--a connoisseur; an expert.  Example: The Jewish housewife who buys no other beans but Heinz.
***(u)(pronounced o-yu)--the seal of endorsement of THE UNION OF ORTHODOX JEWISH CONGREGATIONS OF AMERICA.  The (u) seal is on the front of the label.

Strictly Kosher--Strictly Pareve--Strictly Vegetarian

(The revised OED has 1952 for "maven"...Normally, "the language maven" would be interested in this, but it comes from Barry Popik, so it'll never be printed--ed.)

FALAFEL (continued)

   From THE JEWISH SPECTATOR, vol18, January 1953, pg. 17, col. 2:

   And there are the boot blacks with their long boxes, and the "falafel" stands.  That you learn is a special Israeli spicy, fried concoction which is eaten together with pickle and a brown roll.  If you pass that up you may treat yourself to a hot corn served on a corn husk--without butter, of course.  There is "tzena" (austerity) in Israel and no butter is served with anything.


   Perhaps of interest to the OXFORD ENCYCLOPEDIA OF AMERICAN FOOD.
   From the NATIONAL JEWISH MONTHLY, February 1950, pg. 218, back age ad:

_delicacies by BARTON'S bonbonniere_

The New
Chocolate MATZOS
The Pasover Sensation!
Replicas of matzos in Barton's incomparable chocolate--studded with nuts.
1 lb. $1.40  2 lbs. $2.80

(What'll they think of next?  Chocolate-covered macaroons?--ed.)


   From the NATIONAL JEWISH MONTHLY, February 1949, pg. 171, col. 3:

_A True Short Story_
By Bernard Passman
   "Know any Yiddish?" he demanded.
   "A little," I answered, becoming more baffled by the minute.
   "Ever heard of the word _nu_?"
   "Sure," I said.  "Don't you ever listen to Fred Allen?"
   "No.  What does it mean?"
   "It means _well_."
   "Well, what?"
   "That's all--just _well_.  As in _'Nu, vus vils du?'_--or, 'Well, what do you want?'"  _From my young life_, I felt like adding.
   The colonel looked doubtful.

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