Pennies from heaven; Macher (1928)

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by Abraham Burstein
New York:  Bloch Publishing

   Might as well add a few more antedate while I do the laundry...The OED is
"not responding" now, so I'll go blind on "macher."


Pg. 65:  ANd my whole mishpocha are doing the same thing.

Pg. 91:  The gentleman, being cognizant of "pennies falling from heaven" and
other tricks of clever m'lamdim, appeared to take it seriously, but later
laughingly related the incident to his wife.
(OED has 1936, from the "pennies for heaven" song title, but it now appears
to pre-date the Depression--ed.)

Pg. 176:  "He's a Litvak!  I don't want him!"

Pg. 301:
(Not much exciting in the following, but the RHHDAS has "macher" from
Baale-Batim, men of property and prominence.
Baal ha-Bais, singular of above.
Baal Kreah, synagogue reader.
Baal T'filloh, reciter of prayers
Bar Mitzvah, a youth mature in the Law; confirmation.
Beth Din, rabbinic court.
Bimah, pulpit.
Brith, circumcision rite.
Chassid, man of great piety.
Chazan, cantor.
Chazir, pig.
Cheder, Hebrew School.
Cohen, Cohanim--priests, descendants of Aaron.
Erev Yom Tov, day before a holiday.
Fromm, pious, observant.
Gett, Jewish divorce.
Goy, Goyim, Gentile.
Goyishkeit, irreligion.
Jahrzeit, death anniversary.
Kaddish, memorial prayer.
Ma'alos, virtues.
Maariv, evening prayer.
Macher, important personage.
Mattanah, gift.
Mazel Tov, good luck.
Mesheberach, prayer for one called to the reading of the Law, generally
coupled with a donation to the synagogue.
(Pg. 302--ed.)
Mezuza, Mezuzoth, ceremonial object on doorpost of Jewish home.
Midrashim, collected legends.
Mincha, afternoon prayer.
Mishnah, primary portion of the Talmud.
Paskudzver, filthy one.
Rebbetzin, rabbi's wife.
Schnapps, whiskey.
Shabbos, Sabbath.
Shalom, peace-greeting.
Shammos, sexton.
Sheitel, wig.
Shlishi, third reader of the Law.
Shul, synagogue.
Tallis, Talethim, prayer shawl.
Talmid Chochom, man of learning.
T'phillin, phylacteries.
Tzusammen, together.
Yichus, high birth.
Yid, Jew.

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