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The item has been purchased - paid for - but delivery
is at a future promised date.  To me pre-purchase
indicates the item might not even exist at the time of
pre-purchase but is to be made based on hard cash in
advance rather than good faith - the same for
services, cash in advance.  The printer might run a
few extra copies in anticipation of late purchases,
but perhaps yearbooks not pre-purchased will require a
second, custom printing run and will incur additional
charges, or they might not be available at all.

<juengling_fritz at SALKEIZ.K12.OR.US> wrote:
> Here is a note from our person in charge of student
> 'stuff' at our high school:
> All students who pre-purchased a yearbook will have
> theirs delivered directly to their homes from the
> yearbook company.   Last chance to get your yearbook
> inserts today after school, for those who have
> already purchased yearbooks.
> Any comments on 'pre-purchased'?  Why not just
> 'purchased' ?  Of course, I understand it, but it
> looks and sounds very odd to me, especially since
> she switched to 'already purchased' late rin the
> message.
> Fritz

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