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> We now have two contradictory statements from England:
> "'It's traditional Bash Street Kids, English schoolboy, turn your baseball
> cap backwards and fire kind of thing,' said organiser Tom Wood."
> implying that wearing baseball caps backwards is as English as Bashing
> Street Kids,  and
> "the redoubtable Prof. Trudgill went around
> annoying us Yanks by asking:
> Q: "What do you do to make a yank drop 50 degrees of intelligence?"
> A: Turn his baseball cap around backwards."
> implying that the English view wearing a hat backwards as a sign of
> stupidity.
>        - Jim Landau

Perhaps this leads to the conclusion that partaking in pea-shooting
contests is a sign of English stupidity, and that's why they turn their
hats backward(s) for it.


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