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Fri Jun 14 17:34:15 UTC 2002

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laurence.horn at YALE.EDU writes:

> >Perhaps this leads to the conclusion that partaking in pea-shooting
>  >contests is a sign of English stupidity, and that's why they turn their
>  >hats backward(s) for it.
>  Not to mention partaking in pee-shooting contests

Now that establishes the connection with the wearing of baseball caps.  While
the caps themselves are unisex, there is an inescapible sexual dimorphism in
how they are worn.  A boy wears his over his hair, so that a simple arm
movement can move the bill from the front to the back.  However, as you
undoubtedly noticed the last time you watched Lynne put her baseball cap on
over her pony tail, a girl necessarily has to thread her pony tail through
the gap between the cloth in the back of the cap and the adjustment straps,
which means that she is no more capable of turning the cap around than she is
of partaking in a pee-shooting contest.

     - Jim Landau

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