Shiner, Gum Shoe (1904)

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by Myra Kelly
New York: McClure, Phillips & Co.

   This is an early book about New York's Lower East Side.  I read (in an article on Yiddish in the AMERICAN MERCURY) that it got the dialect just right, but there's not a whole lot here.

Pg. 14:  "Isidore Belchatosky he goes und makes (Page 15--ed.) me this here shiner," said Eva's accusing voice, as the eye under the poultice was uncovered for a moment.
(OED also has a 1904 citation for "shiner"--ed.)

Pg. 55:  For well he saw the looks of admiration which were turned upon his daughter as she sat by his side and consumed cold pink lemonade.
(I have 1890s "pink lemonade" in archives--ed.)

Pg. 68:  He was then dragged through long halls and up the tall stairs by a large boy, who spoke to him disdainfully as "greenie"...

Pg. 127:  The Associate Superindent for her vicinity was the Honourable Timothy O'Shea, known and dreaded as "Gum Shoe Tim," owing to his engaging way of creeping softly up back stairs and appearing all unheralded and unwelcome, upon the threshold of his intended victim.

Pg. 204:  "I know where we can hook a banana.  And the Ginney's asleep."
("Ginney" is used in the book, but "wop" is not--ed.)

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