OED appeals list

James A. Landau JJJRLandau at AOL.COM
Wed Jun 19 18:31:42 UTC 2002

The OED Appeals List (at URL http://www.oed.com/public/readers/appeal.htm) is
requesting citations on the following terms, all of which have been discussed
on ADS-L in the past year or so:

D'oh!, Doh! (Expression of frustration used when a person has done something
stupid; popularized by Homer Simpson):
antedate 1993
(now antedated to 1945)

minority n. (member of minority group):
antedate 1976

pear-shaped adj. (= awry, wrong):
any evidence

Wellington (in names of dishes, esp. Beef Wellington):
antedate 1965

wife-beater (sleeveless T-shirt, vest):
antedate 1997

      - Jim Landau

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