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   Today's NEW YORK POST front page talks about "Martha's $63 Million
Stockpot."  Sixty-three million dollars is a good thing!
   "Stockpot" is not mentioned in the all-inclusive and scholarly
   Merriam-Webster has "stockpot" from 1853.  OED has "stockpot" from 1845
and 1853.  OED says "stock pot" is a pot of "soup stock."  However, OED says
that "soup stock" was coined by Charles Dickens in 1861!
   This stuff is really bad.
   The free, online Making of America database (Cornell) has NORTH AMERICAN
REVIEW, April 1835, pg. 373:

   ...but when I declare, that it (mineral water at Wiesbaden--ed.) exactly
resembles very hot chicken broth, I only say, respecting it; and I certainly
do wonder why the common people should be at the inconvenience of making bad
soup, when they can get much better from nature's great stock-pot, the
_Koch-brunnen_ of Wiesbaden.



   OED and M-W have 1955 for "tabbouleh."  I had cited a 1942 book by Freya
Stark, that contains her 1928 journal.  This is another cite.  I
unfortunately didn't see "falafel" here.

by Winifred Lowe Fox
New York: Fleming H. Revell Co.

Pg. 44:  A cook was serving_ruzz mufelfel_ (boiled rice) to two men...

Pg. 66:  Says Robert Gessner in his book, _Some of My Best Friends Are Jews_
(Farrar & Rinehart)...

Pg. 142:  This (sherbet and wine--ed.) we will drink widt de _taboulah_ our
ladies make ready very soon," said the interpreter.

Pg. 144:  Women of the party slipped away and prepared the _taboulah_.  I
helped them chop parsley, lettuce, celery, onions, green peppers and lemon
pulp; over this they poured lemon juice and olive oil. (...) We dipped tender
lettuce and grape leaves into the mixture according to Arabic style.

Pg. 169:  Regardless of the popularity of _lebanimo_ (meaning a mixture of
kid or goat meat boiled with _leban_ and poured over cooked rice, chopped
onions, mint, and parsley), Jews and Moslems will not eat it because Mosaic
law forbids...



   I will be in Alaska from Tuesday, June 25 until July 3rd.  (My plane gets
in early on July 4th, just in time to see New York City destroyed.)
   If I survive, I will then be in Europe from July 6-26th (3 weeks).  I will
attend a legal education seminar on Germany's infamous  Wannsee Conference
sponsored by my law school, held in Berlin on July 7-11th.  See the top of  We'll have a private tour of Berlin's new Jewish Museum
and much more.  Then I'll have about six days, which I'll probably spend in
Vienna eating desserts, or in the Austrian town from which my ancestors were
deported to their deaths.  After that, I'll join an organized tour of the
Ukraine (Kiev, Odessa, Yalta) from July 17-26th (, the same
company that did my Georgia/Armenia/Azerbaijan),.
   Then the whole month of August back in New York City adjudicating parking
tickets, and then, in September, it's off to Mongolia and Tibet.
   And that should be about it.

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