Donald M Lance lancedm at MISSOURI.EDU
Sun Jun 23 20:39:29 UTC 2002

on 6/23/02 3:02 PM, Rick H Kennerly at Rick at MOUSEHERDER.COM wrote:

> |o| e.g., saying "root." When I worked in the Post Office in Queens
> |o| in the 1970s,
> |o| on the other hand, the mail carriers universally referred to
> |o| their delivery
> |o| routes as "routs."
> I'd never considered this but in my computer repair days, I had a rout--a
> set of regular stops.  But if on vacation, I would plot a root on the
> highway map, but I'd stop enrout to sleep.
And you can buy a router but not a rooter for computer networking.

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