wife beaters

Dave Wilton dave at WILTON.NET
Mon Jun 24 03:57:32 UTC 2002

> >Speaking of ethnic slurs, an American who had lived in
> Europe told me that
> >the Dutch tell jokes about dumb Belgians who in turn tell
> jokes about stingy
> >Dutch (the example she gave was "How can you tell you're in
> the Netherlands?
> >By the toilet paper hanging up to dry on the clotheslines.")
> When I studied in Israel in the early 70s, that one was told
> (in Hebrew)
> about the Scots.

My sister-in-law, when visiting Poland in the late-70s, encountered the
"Soviet Soldier" joke. The jokes were identical to the Polish jokes told in
the US, only they were about Soviet soldiers instead of Poles.

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