Nosh, Nasher (1914); Hamantaschen (1916)

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NOSH, NASHER (continued)

   From "The Meal Joseph Lost" by Abraham Burstein in THE YOUNG JUDAEAN, February 1914, pg. 14, col. 2:

   But what was hard to bear was the thought that even when he wanted to disobey his father and _nosh_ something before going from the house, something happened to prevent it.

(Continued on Page 15, col. 1--ed.)

   Thus did Joseph, the real "nasher" escape all blame.


   Search the online OED for "hamant*" and there is no hit.  Amazing.
   Merriam-Webster has 1927 for "hamantaschen."
   From THE YOUNG JUDAEAN, March 1916, pg. 195, col. 1:

   "There'll be lots of Hamantaschen and Kreppchen and plum-Tzimmes," Pincus informed him.

   From THE YOUNG JUDAEAN, March 1917, pg. 191, col. 1:

   Nowadays, children use "Haman-drehers," rattles, and whistles to express their approval of the fate meted out to Haman and his friends.

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