Kevutzah (1920)

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Mon Jun 24 19:34:42 UTC 2002

   OED has 1921 for "kvutza."  See prior posts on "kibbutz" and "moshav."
   From the same "dreidel" edition of THE YOUNG JUDAEAN, November-December 1920, pg. 80, col. 1:

   We drove on a little way to the co-operative colony of Merhaviah.  This colony was the first co-operative, or _Kevutzah_, in Palestine; it was settled in 1913.

(From "Miriam's Journal, by Jessie E.Sampler."  The date given for this journal is Nov. 23, 1919, or Rosh Hodesh Kislev, 5680...The NYPL's Jewish Division has these convenient computers that you don't have to sign up for..."Became" should be "began" in that last post--ed.)

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