intervocalic voicing of fricatives

Prof. R. Sussex r.sussex at MAILBOX.UQ.EDU.AU
Tue Jun 25 04:00:40 UTC 2002

I have been struck - on NBC's "Today", CNN, NPR and other American
sources - with the increasing frequency of voiced intervocalic or
inter-voiced-segment fricatives, especially in proper names:

        Jerusalem       [-z-]
        Kashmir         [-zh-] (can't do voiced palatalo-alveolars in email)

although the unvoiced parallels are also heard.

Has there been any work describing this shift (as distinct from other
intervocalic voicings like flapping and words like "exit" as [-gz-],
which looks well established as favoured in US English: MW has it
first; OED only has [-ks-]). Is it lexically most found in foreign
proper names?

Roly Sussex


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