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Dennis R. Preston preston at PILOT.MSU.EDU
Tue Jun 25 17:26:03 UTC 2002

I hope larry and TOM will stop using the ADS system for pornoraphic exchanges!


>At 7:28 AM -0400 6/25/02, Thomas Paikeday wrote:
>>Hi Larry,
>>>>From my "card" in preparation:
>>83 Sunny Meadow Blvd.
>>Brampton, Ontario, Canada L6R 1Z3
>>Phone: 905-790-7076; fax: 905-790-9168
>>Thanks for the Sophia Linguistica article or the Stanford version,
>>whichever is easier to dig.
>Sure.  The Stanford one is just transparencies, so the Japanese one
>it will have to be.
>>Vagina v. Vulva was tried by mail, distributed to about 20 scholars
>>(including Dr. Rheinhold Aman), and finally published in a popular
>>version by COPY EDITOR, Oct.-Nov. 1998, thanks to DSNA member Mary Beth
>>Protomastro. (AS wouldn't publish it even in a "dehumorized" version, as
>>Bob Wachal put it). There were strong reactions to the CE article from
>>some feminists, one calling the lexicographer a pornographer. (I checked
>>with an attorney in Maryland, but decided not to be bothered, since I
>>was in the company of OED's Edmund Weiner and Prof. Wachal of Iowa. Both
>>Weiner and Wachal raise the question of "the unfortunate dearth of humor
>>in academic publishing." I am waiting for permission to publish their
>>comments on the website. I will mail you a copy of the CE article - not
>>good enough for my website!
>>Thanks for the interest.
>That would be great.  In exchange, I'll enclose a copy of a somewhat
>risque paper of my own from a few years back.  I'll have to mail them
>to you on Monday, though; I'm about to go in for a five day
>chemotherapy session.

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