Wendalyn Nichols wendalyn at NYC.RR.COM
Wed Jun 26 15:00:10 UTC 2002

Publishers still routinely use routing slips too. (rowting) You have to
circulate various passes of everything from front and back matter to covers
to full manuscripts. It's a convenient way to tell who has looked at, and
signed off on, a given pass.

Wendalyn Nichols

At 10:51 PM 6/24/02 -0700, Dave Wilton wrote:
> > Another angle and a possible precursor concerns army use in the
> > signals corps. A correspondent on my Aus language email list offers
> > the following:
> >
> > As an Army signaller my experience of the word pre-dates
> > modern computers.
> > In the days of torn tape relay messaging, there were alpha
> > numeric codes
> > which were called routing (pron rowting) indicators. That was
> > when it was
> > done handraulically.
>Back in my US Army days (late 80s) we had routing slips (also pron rowting),
>yellow pieces of paper that were stapled to the covers of documents that
>indicated which offices/persons should see the document and in which order.
>Of course we could have just used a photocopier, but I guess some traditions
>die hard. Saved a lot of trees though.

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