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Need+past participle is indeed much more widespread than Pittsburgh
(see recent articles by Frazer, Murray, and Simon in AS, but the
mystery of "Dialect Ten" is easily solved if you look at the back of
any ADS t-shirt (and consult the handout which accompanied it for the


>I'm not sure if this helps, but I'm from the Pittsburgh area originally, and
>that's a well formed sentence in my dialect (I say things like that all the
>time, even though I took grief about it in college).
>I've never heard it called "dialect 10" though.  Wonder what dialect 1 would
>be then?
>Patti Kurtz
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>>>  hi there.
>>>  have you heard of this?
>>>  do you know where it's from - which region of the US?
>>>  I'm curious and haven't found a thing about it on the internet.
>>She followed up with this, which explains what "dialect ten" is supposed to
>>i'm taking a linguistics class at my university and we were presented with
>>"mark's shirt needs ironed."
>>we all thought it was rubbish, but the instructor assured us that it was
>>indeed a dialect, dialect ten, and that
>>he'd grown up in the area of the US where that was considered a fine
>>sentence.  however, he didn't tell us
>>where dialect ten was from.
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