World Cupdate; Jo Jos, Buffalo Fries & more

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Fri Jun 28 05:41:03 UTC 2002

   Greeting from just outside Denali.  Denali/Mount McKinley is always in the clouds and is hard to see.  I spent eight hours today to see a bear a football field away.  Tomorrow is a long driving day to Seward.

WORLD CUPDATE--CNN's "update" on the "World Cup" uses this.  Check the usual databases for other cites.

SKIJORING--Skiing with a dog.  Is that the correct spelling, or is it "skijouring"?

FLIGHTSEEING--Alaska probably gave birth to this, which is everywhere.  Still not in OED?

JO JO POTATOES--I just had some for dinner.  Called just "jo jos."  OED?  DARE?  Mariani?  I also saw this at the Fred Meyer superstore.

BUFFALO FRIES--Also at the Fred Meyer superstore.  Fried potatoes that are rounded, with some spices on them.

PERSHINGS, BISMARKS--Found in the bakery department of the huge Fred Meyer superstore.  DARE for Pershing?

TOURON--Another word for "tourist."  The only slang my Denali guide could come up with.

MELTWATER--This term is used all over Denali.  I haven't checked the revised OED "m."

OUTSIDE--My guide said that this is probably the biggest Alaskan word here.  "Outside"=Lower Forty Eight or elsewhere.

THROUGHPUT--Oil term for what goes through the Alaska pipeline.  I haven't yet checked OED.

TRIBEARATHON--Stretching, running, and ice cream eating competition, see

"WE CHEAT THE OTHER GUY AND PASS THE SAVINGS ON TO YOU!"--Ad for Chilkoot Charlie's Rustic Alaskan Saloon, ALASKA VISITORS' GUIDE 2002, ANCHORAGE DAILY NEWS, pg. 47.  Seen also in other publications.

SQUAREBANKS--HDAS?  Same publication, pg. 101, col. 1:
   To be fair, Fairbanksans are almost as quick as Anchoragites to call their home "Squarebanks" (the Chamber of Commerce prefers "The Golden Heart City"), especially when a long winter is making it feel particularly small.

FISHWALK--Fish walk?  From pg. 109, col. 4:
   It also has a 250-foot calssic "fishwalk" along the Kenai River. Along a set of stairs to the river are information boards providing details on the river, salmon and the environment.

CHICKEN HALIBUT--From Pg. 113, col. 2:
   Fish weighing 100, 200, 300 pounds and more are not unusal in Resurrection and it surrounding water, and 25- to 35-pound halibut, called "chicken halibut," are common and considered by many to be best on the table.

ALASKAN GRABBERS--From Pg. 142 ad for The ULU Factory (
   Our salad/pasta grabbers are made of Birch and are sure to be a hit on your dinner table.

   Found at the Alpenglow Restaurant here:

KLONDIKE COFFEE--Yukon Jack, Barejager and coffee with whipped cream    $5.00

NORTH SLOPE--Peppermint Schnapps and hot chocolate with whipped cream     $4.50

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