MRE; Near Bear

Bapopik at AOL.COM Bapopik at AOL.COM
Sat Jun 29 03:19:51 UTC 2002

   Greetings from Seward, Alaska.  I just had a pleasant, TEN HOUR bus trip.

MRE--Meals ready to eat.  Climbers like 'em.  OED?  The OXFORD ENCYCLOPEDIA OF AMERICAN FOOD?  "MRE" wasn't even explained on the tourist sign.

NEAR BEAR--Not "near beer."  "Near Bear" experience.  Make lots of noise.

SNOW MACHINES--Other states call 'em snowmobiles, but not Alaska.

HIGH MARKING--Taking your snow machine as high up a mountain as you can.  Highly dangerous.  You can get killed in an avalanche of your own making.

OUTHOUSE FLOWER--A chocolate lilly.  They smell.

SLIME LINE--The line for cleaning fish.

COMBAT FISHING--A term for those sights of rows and rows for fishermen.

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